Hot Appetizers

Miniature Hot Dogs

These little crowd favorites are wrapped in puff pastry to ...


Mini Jacketed Potatoes with Cheese

Your guests will devour these baby Skin-On, or Jacketed, ...


Quesadilla Slices

We take flour tortillas and fill them with your choice of ...

quesadilla quarters: flavor

Gourmet Mini Meatballs

Your next party isn’t complete without these updated ...

meatballs: sauce

Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates

The ultimate sweet and salty treat, stuffed with Crunchy ...


Gourmet Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed with a variety of delicious ingredients – Mushrooms ...


Traditional Chicken Wings

We take everyone’s favorite game time snack and toss them ...

chicken wings : flavor

Shrimp & Grits Mini Tartlets

We start with a base made from Fresh Grits and top it with ...


Spinach Balls

We don’t want our vegetarian friends to miss out, so ...


Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

We wrap our Fresh Asparagus Spears with Delicious, Salty ...