Glazed and Infused Doughnuts ~ Chicago Born and Raised ~ Now at Sunset!

Glazed and Infused logo Glazed and Infused presents a flavorful re-invention of the iconic American doughnut − handcrafted and uniquely imagined for your enjoyment. With a focus on artisan technique, local sourcing, and quality flavors, Glazed and Infused is a leader among the Chicago doughnut scene. And now they're at all Sunset locations! 

All of Glazed and Infused doughnuts are made fresh daily by hand, using only the best whole and natural ingredients. Whenever possible, they source ingredients locally and strive to create partnerships with other community businesses (like Sunset!). Their creative culinary team rotates flavors seasonally and adds excitement to their menu with imaginative holiday and specialty doughnuts.

Gladed and Infused donut photo

Above all, they pride ourselves on their commitment to knowledgeable, friendly service---making them a perfect match for Sunset. Treat yourself to one today! 

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