Celebrating Allen "Totto" Perin's 60 Years at Sunset

 ALLEN.TOTTO.PERINThe owners and staff of Sunset Foods are honored to congratulate Allen “Totto” Perin, our Vice-President of Consumer Affairs, on his 60th year of service with Sunset. Totto's career began in 1957 as a bagger in the Highland Park store. He was quickly promoted to Meat Department Manager in the early 1960s at the newly opened Northbrook location. It was from behind the meat counter that Totto fully realized his passion for customer service and his ability to form lasting connections with customers. Totto attributes Sunset’s success to always putting the customer first. Throughout his lengthy career, this adage has always been at the heart of Totto’s work philosophy.

Promoted to store manager at the Libertyville location in 1998 and then to Vice-President of Operations in 2003, Totto's career is marked with personal achievement and profound dedication to our customers. Totto lives in Deerfield with his wife Ronny. He has three sons, Scott, Jeff, and Mark. If ever there was an employee who epitomizes the values that have made Sunset a North Shore institution, it is Allen "Totto" Perin. With a tremendous debt of gratitude, we recognize Totto’s milestone moment of 60 years (and counting) of faithful service to Sunset customers.


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